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Get Funding For Your Next Project!

Get Funding For Your Next Project!



History of the Grants Scene in Canada

History of the Grants Scene in Canada

Get Free Grantwriting Resources

Get Free Grantwriting Resources

Tips and Tricks For Your Next Application!

Tips and Tricks For Your Next Application!

Learn about grant writing in Canada!

Learn about grant writing in Canada!


Providing personalized à la carte management services for independent music artists and companies.


Music Grants Canada was founded in Fall 2013 by two enthusiastic young music industry professionals in order to support, sustain and advocate for independent music artists and companies in Canada.


The Team

Our backgrounds are primarily music management and marketing, with a specific focus on non-profit provincial and federal funding and advocacy organizations. We have worked behind the scenes in major agencies, management firms and provincial organizations helping artists with their craft for a combined total of 30+ years.

Grant Writing Services


Music Grants Canada provides a variety of consulting and project services including:

Grant Research

Skip the heavy lifting and let us track down the right grant for your next project. We can create a Funding Report featuring the top grants relevant to your project or organization.

Grant Revision Service

Need a fresh pair of eyes? We offer speedy editing and revision services on demand.

Track Selection Consultation

Unsure of what focus tracks are your strongest? Let us have a listen and conduct focus testing on your behalf.

Biography Writing Service

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Put your best foot forward with a compelling, professional and engaging biography.

Marketing Plan Service

Let us handle the hardest part of your application. We can write your 100% custom-tailored marketing plan from scratch, guaranteed to show you have what it takes to utilize funding to its fullest!

Complete Grant Writing Service

Engage us to handle all the components of your next grant application, from start to finish, including profiles, submission and completion reporting.

Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategy

Unsure of your footing in the new digital marketplace? Let us design and execute your next campaign. Completely integrated digital strategies that will amplify your brand and get you the exposure you desire.

PEAK Performance Project

Thinking of applying for the PEAK Performance Project? As a former member of the PPP production/admin team for 3 years, I have unparalleled experience and first-hand knowledge of how this program and its scoring system operates. I can give you the inside-scoop on accessing over $100,000 in career-advancing artist development funding, education, performance and networking opportunities. I also assist Top 12 artists in authoring award-winning final reports to give that added competitive edge when completing the program.

Crowdfunding Campaigns & Strategy

Need funds to top up your next project budget? Crowdfunding is a great new way to make up funding shortfalls and drive fan participation around your project and brand. Let us design and execute your campaign, including registration, promo video, funder rewards, marketing, publicity and reporting. We can help you achieve your funding goals!

Creative Services

Engage us to help design the look of your next project, campaign or video. We have full design and implementation abilities including graphic and digital assets such as branding & logos, websites and applications, album art and photography, Electronic Press Kits and digital short videos. We also offer media coaching, image consulting and styling for music videos and photo shoots.


Music Grants Canada always provides  a complimentary initial consult to assess your needs and learn more about your project either by email, phone, Skype or in-person when possible. We are open to working with artists in all parts of Canada.

Consulting is billed at $75/hr or on monthly retainer.

Services are billed on a set project-based rate. In addition to an upfront fee, an admin fee will be assessed on any funds awarded. Please contact us for an exact quote.


Music Grants Canada needs 4-6 weeks in advance of deadlines to prepare and execute a full application, including one round of changes and edits. Revisions of completed applications can be conducted in 2-4 weeks. For prep times of less than 6 weeks prior to a deadline,  a rush premium may be applied.

See if we can help you with your next application!

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Grant Writing Resources

Grants cover 2015The FREE 2015 Canadian Grants Database!

The 2015 Canadian Grant Database is ready for download! Enter your name and email below and receive our comprehensive, up-to-date document containing the latest grant information for Canadian artists. Includes 150+ grants organized by category, region and deadline and includes eligibility and website links.

Supplied in Excel format for you to add/edit your own submission info!

*Please note: some email servers (specifically Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) may flag the message as spam and delay delivery for up to 4 hours. Check your spam and/or junk filters accordingly!

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Cover-with-shadowThe Canadian Grant Writing Guide For Musicians- 1st Edition – FEBRUARY 2015

The Canadian Grant Writing Guide will be an eBook for the independent artist or music company who wishes to learn more about the grant scene in Canada, as well as how to create compelling, professional applications from scratch. We will outline and go in-depth on each component of a successful application, as well as common mistakes and pitfalls and pro-tips from your favorite top-earning Canadian artists and professionals.

Look for “The Canadian Grant Writing Guide For Musicians” out on Amazon Kindle February 2015!


The Grant Writing Guide for Musicians eCourse –  MARCH 2015

A digital learning platform teaching artists and companies how to write their own grants from square one. Beginning with a brief history and context of the Canadian grants scene, and moving on to choosing the right grant, writing compelling biographies and marketing plans, choosing the right songs and packaging and submitting your grant properly – this course will take you through the process step-by-step.

The course will be delivered via a proven online-learning curriculum delivery system including course work, quizzes, case studies and offline activities to assist in teaching you how to author your own applications.



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The 2015 Canadian Grant Database is ready for download! Enter your name and email below and receive our comprehensive, up-to-date document containing the latest grant information for Canadian artists. Includes 150+ grants organized by category, region and deadline and includes eligibility and website links. Supplied in Excel format for you to add/edit your own submission […]

On this blog I’ve been focusing mostly on resources for grant writing, but I’d like to talk a bit more about the different revenue streams available to artists, of which grants are just one. As a business-minded artist you should be looking to maximize all the potential sources of revenue for your act. This will […]

If this is the first time you’re hearing about the PEAK Performance Project it is a multimillion dollar artist development program funded by the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group. With various judged (and non-judged) components, it includes everything from live performance, songwriting and music business education, to philanthropy, networking and funding.

Never miss another deadline! It is our pleasure to release the 3rd edition of the 2014 Canadian Grants Database – our free educational resource to aid Canadian independent artists and companies in the first steps towards funding success! In this all-new edition you will find: Over 70+ new grants added for artists, companies and non-profit […]

In Part One of this article we covered what a marketing plan is, how to prepare to write one and what research you will need to conduct to fully formulate a successful plan. Please go read that first! Welcome to Part Two of my blog series on Marketing Plans for music! I would like to […]

How you tell your story is as important as what you tell If you remember back to high school English you probably recall the idiom “show don’t tell” which is especially relevant for writing artist biographies. If you were a juror, would you rather read a bland, cliché-filled, unimaginative bio that reads like a college […]

With hundreds of different grants available to music artists, companies and organizations in Canada, choosing the right grant for your project can be a headache. You know the funding is out there, but often the hunt to find a program that you are both eligible for and that fits your project criteria can be confusing and exhausting.

But don’t worry! There are a few pro tips I’m going to share to get you on your way!

What is a marketing plan and why do you need one? A marketing plan is a strategic document that outlines how you, the artist, intend to execute the initiative you’ve proposed in your grant application. Funding organizations want to see that artists have researched their projects thoroughly, demonstrated adept situational awareness and assembled an arsenal […]


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