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Canada has a long history of nurturing and supporting its artists. From the Governor General’s Arts Awards to the Arts Council of Canada to organizations like FACTOR and the Canada Music Fund, we truly are a blessed nation to have this support and patronage. Looking at our neighbors to the south you would be hard-pressed to find any kind of publicly funded national arts bodies helping American artists achieve and sustain their career goals to the same extent.

Canada has made arts patronage part of our national identity and recognizes the unique role that artistic practice has in shaping a nation and its people. This support recognizes and enhances the diversity of art and music found within our borders. However, this support is not exhaustive or utilized by the majority of Canadian musicians. This is mostly due to not knowing what grants are available/relevant to them or failing to develop strong application practices.

Macro vs. Micro

Music funding in Canada takes place on two levels: macro (national/federal) and micro (provincial and municipal). Within each level there are both public and private organizations funding and administering the granting programs. It’s important to recognize the differences between levels and types of granting organizations because their mandates are often distinctly different, and that determines what (and who) they will fund.

A great first step on your funding journey is to get familiar with the organizations and funding bodies that are relevant to your musical genre, location and career phase. A great resource we’ve published to help you discover the wealth of music funding available in Canada is the Canadian Grants Database 2014, which you can download for free in exchange for a valid email address. It contains over 100+ different links to music grants organized by category, deadline, award amount, and province.

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