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With hundreds of different grants available to music artists, companies and organizations in Canada, choosing the right grant for your project can be a headache. You know the funding is out there, but often the hunt to find a program that you are both eligible for and that fits your project criteria can be confusing and exhausting.

But don’t worry! There are a few pro tips I’m going to share to get you on your way!

1) Know Your Project
What exactly do you need funding for? It’s not enough to simply want “free” money (which is kind of a misnomer- it’s not actually “free” at all). You have to have a reason to request it–so what is yours? Are you in the beginning stages of your career and need better recordings? Have you financed your own album and need funds for marketing? A video? Are you a few albums in and ready for international showcasing and conferences? Knowing what you need funding for will help you seek out and find the right grant from the beginning.

2) Where to Look
Some great resources are available for finding out about music grants available to you. Your provincial/territorial music industry association, SOCAN and FACTOR provide listings of music funding resources. It’s also smart to follow these organizations on Twitter, as they regularly post about new programs, announcements and deadlines you might not hear about.

Music Grants Canada offers a free Canadian Grants Database download, with over 130+ music grants, organized by category and region, with deadline, eligibility and application URL’s provided.

As always, Google is your best friend. Try searching regularly, and set up Google Alerts for such keywords as “+music +grants +individual +canada” or whatever your unique parameters are.

3) Do Your Research
Before you apply for something, do your background research. Download and read through the program guidelines and eligibility criteria carefully. Look for things like:

    • Canadian content requirements, eg. “MAPL” certification
    • Is the program specific to residents of a certain province, region or city?
    • Is the program specific to certain genres or styles?
    • Is the program specific to artists/companies at a certain career level? Eg. “Export-Ready”, “Emerging Artist”, are there explicit sales thresholds, etc.

If you are uncertain about your eligibility you should call the appropriate program manager to find out if you qualify. This contact is often listed on the application document itself or on the funding organization’s website.

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the funding landscape and the players within it, otherwise you can waste a lot of time writing and applying for grants you have no chance of winning, or conversely – miss out on chances you could have had to receive funding.

Need help finding the right grant for your project? Let us do the search for you! Check out our services and rates and get in touch for your free consultation today!