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If this is the first time you’re hearing about the PEAK Performance Project it is a multimillion dollar artist development program funded by the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group. With various judged (and non-judged) components, it includes everything from live performance, songwriting and music business education, to philanthropy, networking and funding.

Naysayers will try to tell you it’s simply another radio contest – a sneaky way for commercial broadcasters to whitewash marketing funds as CCD contributions, but as someone who has worked behind the scenes of this project, I can say that would be categorically false and shortsighted. It is so much more than simply a “radio contest”, and you don’t have to look much farther that any year’s Top 20 artists to see that.

The sheer diversity of genres, ages and levels of career readiness speaks volumes, in addition to the overall goal of the project- which is to support and develop talent (a role that is sadly lacking in the current music industry landscape). What it ultimately becomes is less a contest, and more a really eccentric extended family and strongly-connected grassroots community, which would be a worthy prize in itself, even without all the other great results it produces.

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Turning the Page

It was my pleasure to be a part of the PEAK Performance Project admin & production team for three glorious years, in which I forged some incredible friendships, learned oodles about the industry and gave away a LOT of prize money.

Being in close proximity to the veritable tsunami of creative energy that surrounds the people in this project was addictive (and at times overwhelming). From the artists with their amazing music and inspiring collaborations, to the faculty who bring years of knowledge and innovation to share, to the staff and production team who create amazing live, video, web and radio content throughout the project; you have to just let it all wash over you and accept that you will sleep when it’s done!

Well for me, that chapter has closed, but I’m looking forward to the next part of my relationship with the PPP!

Which is where you come in…

With the expansion of the project to Alberta and the huge influx of new talent eligible for this program, I imagine myself as being a steward of sorts, or perhaps a secret weapon for artists who wish to know the straight-dirt on applying, participating and winning the big bucks. You might say I have a trick or two up my sleeve, and I can’t wait to share them with the next crop of burgeoning BC and Alberta talent!

Path to the PPP

Application Process Service

  • Find out the inside scoop on what you need to apply successfully
  • Learn from an expert where to spend your time/energy
  • How not to make the same mistakes you made last year!
  • Get help crafting compelling marketing and supporting materials
  • Assistance with completing the application on DMDS

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Top 12 Assistance

  • Get help writing a comprehensive business plan (a requirement for all Top 12)
  • Basecamp and Final Report writing, editing, layout and design
  • Learn how to rock every challenge and score maximum points
  • Public Voting marketing and publicity support
  • Live Performance coaching & creative design including lighting, multimedia, costumes and supporting performers
  • Career counseling and financial planning

Interested in applying for the PEAK Performance Project? Want to get a professional opinion on your chances or help with your application? Please contact us for info on our Path to the PPP packages.