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Grant writing can often be a bewildering and frustrating process for artists in Canada. There is a lot of specialized knowledge that goes into researching, writing and preparing an application and successful grant writers guard this knowledge fiercely. But it’s not their fault– with competition for funding dollars so stiff any advantage can mean the difference between success and failure.

You might be new to the music world, just starting out playing open mic nights and building a repertoire of original material. You might be part of the emerging “middle class” of artists already with an album or EP under your belt, a healthy touring history and moderate fan-base built up. Or you might be a more established artist looking to supplement your existing financial support. One thing unites all levels of music artists in Canada, they all are in need of the financial support to achieve their dreams. Recording, touring and marketing are all essential activities, and they all cost money.

In addition to independent artists, music industry companies who engage in artist management and development practices, such as managers, labels and agents are in need of more funding to support their acts. Event promoters, producers and brand management firms that book and promote talent will also be able to benefit from the information presented on this site.

A musician in today’s industry must be a Jack of All Trades, with the ability to manage all aspects of their own career. Often professional managers or agents will only be interested in working with you once you have a significant business income to manage. This site and forthcoming eBook will give you one of the most necessary tools of artist development in Canada–that is to identify sources, prepare applications and succeed in securing financial support through publicly funded music grants.